Assassin's Bullet


Action / Drama

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Donald Sutherland as Ambassador Ashdown
Elika Portnoy as Vicky
Timothy Spall as Dr. Kahn
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Reviewed by whtt thehll 1 / 10

a kid can make a better movie. What's with the bellydancing!?!

Just imagine a kid trying to make his first "foreign-place action movie" who has no idea about the world and cultures and has it all mixed up in his head and this is what you get. Amazingly inaccurate and confusing settings and like everyone said, dumb story. What does Bulgaria or Sofia have to do with this? And what time in the future or past is it taking place because that country and city have never looked or sounded like that. Why are American and British folks chilling in bellydancing and shisha bars?? If they said it was Turkey or middle east it would be slightly more accurate. All that arabic music in the background is hilarious! You don't hear arab music in Europe unless you go into an ethnic restaurant. So amazingly inaccurate. I can't believe there is an actual American director who mixed up cultures and countries like that. This is like making a movie in France but having Italian music in the background while people speak Spanish but actually looking like German. Total parody of a movie! Makes for decent laughs!

Reviewed by mame-7 5 / 10


This is a poorly written, poorly directed FEMME NIKITA knock-off, like a poor, unattractive Bulgarian little sister to the French original. Sutherland and Slater have no business in this film. The votes it received as a "ten" have to be from production folks or PR people - it's a 2 at best. This movie features bad direction, lousy writing, horrendous action sequences, a pathetic "reveal" and it doesn't build to anything but a limp, predictable end. If you're looking for an action movie, this isn't it. If you want good acting, keep looking. If you like looking at open toed shoes with shiny pantyhose, this could be the film for you. Don't bother and don't get taken in by the bait-and-switch trailer - it isn't worth it!

Reviewed by woodytractor 1 / 10

Just Pass

This movie is so awful I can barely put words together. Reviews here require 10 lines of text, and I'd like to prevent others from wasting time and money on it, so here goes... I love action flicks and typically ignore critical reviews, but this is a truly pathetic film. It is incoherent and not interesting or exciting at any point. The fact it got 6 out of 10 (usually a "go" signal for me on action movies) tells me how easy it is for studios to game this site. They must have spent a lot of money on the actors and had to recoup it somehow, otherwise this would never have made it to distribution. If there is an Oscar for worst movie, nothing can compete with this.

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