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Ryan Reynolds as Turbo
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Samuel L. Jackson as Whiplash
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Michael-96 5 / 10

A lot of (mostly) innocent fun

I was lucky to see Turbo at a preview today, and had a great time. I don't want to give anything away, but suffice to say that I greatly enjoyed the movie. The plot's cute, the characters amusing, and there are some hilarious one liners. (As well as a few somewhat more risque jokes for the adults, although they'll fly over most kids' heads.)

It's not going to rival Pixar at their best, but it's a lot of fun. I will say, though, that this isn't a film I'd bother with 3D for. It takes a back seat, and is little more than a gimmick. You won't be missing anything at all to watch in 2D.

But other than that, heartily recommended!

Reviewed by EBWired 5 / 10

Tito, not Turbo, is probably the better champion in the film

In the traditional plot device for the kiddos, this is about the little snail that could. You don't get too many surprises.

The treat though is the clever parallel between the two sets of brothers. Tito, not Turbo, is probably the better champion of the film because his character has no superpowers. Rather, it's his naive yet genuine idealism that's the driving engine behind the movie. In fact, the human characters capture my sympathies more than the quirky mollusks.

The film should be noted for its effort to present multiculturalism, especially with shout outs about the scene in Southern California.

Reviewed by DarkVulcan29 (DarkVulcan29@aol.com) 8 / 10

Need for speed

A snail named Theo(voiced by Ryan Reynolds)loves to watch racing, and wishes he could race on the tracks, but his brother(voiced by Paul Giamatti) tells him that he is a snail, he was not meant to be fast, cause he is a snail. But one night Theo accidentally lands in a fast car, and gains the power of being as fast as the car. Now Theo has fun with this new found power, but how far will it take him?

a well made animated film, I mean it is no Wreck it Ralph, but still a fun movie. But it's not just a snail with super speed, but it's more of a ensemble, providing the voices Samuel L. Jackson, Michelle Rodriguez, and Michael Pena to name a few. They all really make this story quite a joy, and seem to be having a blast working on this film.

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